Mindful Leader Corporate Classes/Workshops

For the past eight years I have led many classes in the corporate environment, in conjunction with leadership training offered by Face the World and Darren Williams Consulting. These classes have been focused on this premise: “The mastery of the art of leadership comes with mastery of the Self. Ultimately, leadership development is a process of self-development.”

My past experience as a leader and manager in a corporate environment has underlined the importance of developing a personal practice that undergirds and supports me in my development as a human being first, leader second. Emotional and spiritual intelligence grow from this personal development, enabling calmness in times of stress, an enhanced self-awareness and understanding of my effect on others, and encouraging others to be the best they can be. The results are happier, more harmonious office environments with attendant results on productivity. This is true leadership!

The word ‘mindfulness’ has had a lot of press in recent years, and rightly so. Mindfulness is essentially a process of self-enquiry where one utilises some simple techniques to bring oneself acutely present into this moment with an open and non-judgemental awareness. From this ‘present’ state, calmness and clarity of thinking are natural outcomes.


‘MINDFUL LEADER’ CLASS  (1-2 hours):

These classes utilise simple movements/stretching, focus on establishing a breathing pattern that calms the nervous system, and teach some tools for de-stressing and relaxation.



Run as either residential or non-residential immersion experiences. These workshops include:

  • Background theory on how our brain works, + some helpful somatic tools for developing focus and mental calm.
  • Simple mindfulness/meditation techniques that can be used anywhere, promoting enhanced self-awareness and regulation.
  • Time for reflection/personal goal setting


To make a booking or for any queries related to these classes or workshops, please fill in the form below. I’ll be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss options for you and/or your team.