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Yoga is a word that has many meanings for people today. In its original context, this Sanskrit word meant ‘union’ and was indicative of a process of self-realisation as a whole and connected being. Yoga is a state of being – connected, whole, complete.

Of course, in Australia and around the world today, Yoga has come to be equated with an activity that is advertised by flexible (usually young female) bodies in stylish ‘active’ wear looking beautiful and airbrushed to perfection.

Yet there is a growing awareness of the powerful efficacy of coming into a state of stillness and calm that the various practices of Yoga can create in one’s being. Here’s where I find my passion for this approach.

My lifetime exploration has always been about experiencing the full breadth of what it means to be alive, what this world has to offer, and how I fit into it. I have been an explorer of many approaches and structures that have been dedicated to this end.

Arriving in Australia from Canada in January 1989, I lived in an intentional ‘spiritual’ community for several years desiring to add my energy and voice to assisting others with their pursuits on the same path. Along the way, I developed some great skills in graphic design, organising and administering office stuff, cooking and catering – and for the past 10 years have called myself ‘self-employed’ using all these skills as the opportunities arise.

Yoga teaching has come later in the piece, and really as a by-product of my discovery of the powerful benefits of taking myself into a regular practice of quietness, movement, breathing, and just being. I started my personal practice, around 20 years ago, during a time of great personal change and stress on all levels – mental, emotional, physical. Over time I began to feel a shift take place as I moved through my poses, observed my energy, sat in quiet meditation. I never expected to become a teacher of this practice, but was drawn to the deeper learnings I could experience through a period of intensive study in the early 2000’s.

However, life had other plans for me, as is often the case. I have now been teaching over the past 12 years and have found this to be as much of a learning experience as my initial training was! Every person who comes along to a class brings along their whole package of body, mind and heart and I have seen many people shift their perspectives and experience significantly because of coming to yoga – perhaps firstly for the physical benefits, but then realising the deeper and more profound mental and emotional shifts that have allowed for a more balanced and happier experience of life.

I’ve recently completed my studies for a Graduate Certificate of Yoga Therapy. This is a newly emerging field – yoga has always had a reputation for its therapeutic benefit. Chiropractors are recommending the physical practices to their patients, psychologists and doctors are recommending the mindfulness aspects of yoga to their patients. I sense that we each contain within us all the tools and methods we need to bring balance to our whole system, no matter what condition we are dealing with. Learning the keys to unlock the knowledge is sometimes all that’s missing.

I feel incredibly fortunate to live in this most beautiful area of McLaren Vale and surrounds, and continue to enjoy teaching yoga classes in this local community as well as in Adelaide. Feeling the adventure of it all, living on a little country property with my partner Darren, our dog Clover, three chickens, and the occasional koala wandering through the overhead branches.

‘Delicious’ is part of my other business name – Graphically Delicious – which is more about my graphic design pursuits. I chose ‘Delicious’ to be part of this yoga-focussed pursuit because that’s exactly what it is to me.

I believe that all of life has the potential to yield the most delicious of experiences. And that we have the power to create this deliciousness through our own actions.

Yoga brings me home to my body and brings me into a delicious state of being – connected to my heart, my deepest intuitions, my best intentions.

This is how I teach and guide my classes and retreats. Gentle practices, mindful moments, luscious stretching, quiet breathing. So happy to have you here.


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